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How to cycle for Fitness? A guide for beginners

by Muscle Mantra on December 15, 2020

Whether you are using it for exercise or transportation, cycling is a great way to stay healthy and explore the world around you .

As per the current situation of COVID19 gyms remain closed, so a lot of people have started cycling in order to stay fit and active. Also to all those who haven’t, it is strongly advisable. 

Here’s what we’ll cover in today’s guide 

  • What are the benefits of cycling?
  • What supplements to consume to stay fit? 
  • How to set up your bicycle?
  • What gear to purchase for biking ?



What are the benefits of cycling?



  1. It is a great and healthy way to move from one place to another .
  2. It’s completely free - No gas to put in, no parking fees to pay.
  3. There are no jarring- impact moment on your body like with running. 
  4. It’s a great place to start with exercise. Sit on bike, Pedal. Done! 
  5. It’s fun 
  6. It involves the full cardiovascular moment of your body which increases stamina, builds muscle and also helps in fat reduction.


What supplements to consume while cycling?


During Workout 


Muscle Mantra’s Isotonic  

Isotonic Sports drink gives you fast hydration and energy when you need it most. If you train hard and push your body to its limits, Isotonic Drink can be a key factor in maintaining performance.



Muscle Mantra’s ARM3D (BCAA + Glutamine)  

The BCAAs are known for their anabolic & anti-catabolic properties. The appropriate ratio of these three (2:1:1); before, during & after endurance exercise, may help in recovery of muscle tissues. After workout usage, also helps in protein synthesis which plays a key role in muscle growth. We have also added 5g of Glutamine as that may help to support recovery after intense exercisel


Post Workout 


Muscle Mantra’s Whey Protein 

Whey protein is the ideal protein for such individuals because it is rapidly digested and is a rich source of amino-acids for muscle recovery. Each serving of Musclemantra 100% Whey Protein provides 25 grams of whey protein with low levels of carbohydrates, fat and cholesterol.


Muscle Mantra’s Isolate 

Musclemantra Whey Protein Isolate contains 90% whey protein with negligible carbohydrates and fat. It is ideal for athletes and body builders as a protein supplement for muscle building and recovery. Protein Isolate is meant for athletes, body builders, sports-persons and active adults who are unable to meet their body’s protein requirements through routine dietary intake.


How to set up your bicycle? 


  1. Saddle Height

A “good enough” way to determine proper seat height is the heel-to-pedal method. It might help to have someone hold your bike while doing this.

Take a seat, then have one pedal go completely down in the six o’clock position. Your knee should be completely straight here when making contact to this low pedal.

 If your knee is bent, you need to increase the saddle height. If you lose contact with the pedal, lower your seat. 


  1. Saddle Angle

For the most part, you’re going to want your seat angled so it’s parallel to the ground. Try this first, then you can adjust it slightly if you find different positions more comfortable. 


  1. Handlebar Reach

While handlebar reach can be a bit more personal, in general you don’t want to strain yourself to control the bike. 

When seated, you should easily be able to reach the brakes and shifters. Your elbows should have a slight bend, not locked. Adjust your seat first, get that dialed in, then adjust the bars themselves for your ideal setting.


What gear to purchase for biking?

After initially purchasing a bike, there are a few other things you should consider


  1. Helmet  

In my opinion, it is imperative to own and wear a helmet when cycling. I don’t think it should be a law that everyone has to, but I think everyone should of his own volition anyway.


  1. U-Lock 

One of the most awesome things about riding bikes to get places is that you don’t have to park a car. You can just ride right up to the place, lock your bike, and go inside. You will need a lock if you’d like your bike to be there when you come out. 


  1. Blinking Lights 

Get yourself a good set of blinky lights for your bike. Outside has the unmitigated gaul of getting dark without our consent. It’s wise to have lights in these cases, so that you can be as visible as possible on the roadway.


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