WIKID Preworkout Explained

by Muscle Mantra on July 13, 2019

WIKID Preworkout Explained

Musclemantra Wikid is a one it kind Pre workout, safe and effective. The formulation is done in a way that it provides you with the maximum push, focus, energy and the pump while at the same time being safe on the body.

The product contains 3.5 gm Beta Alanine (probably the highest in any Pre workout), 2.5gm of Citruline Malate and 300mg caffeine.

Let us see the benefits of each individually-

Beta Alanine has been shown to enhance performance and overall health.

Let’s explain the science behind this-

Normally in our muscles histidine is high and beta alanine low and thereby production of carnosine is limited. By adding the beat Alanine, Wikid increases the level of carnosine in your muscle by around 80%, which thereby reduces lactic acid, reduces glucose breakdown and prevents muscle from becoming more acidic thereby making you feel tired. In short beta alanine helps you reduce muscle fatigue while increasing your excercise capacity and muscle endurance.


Next is Citruline Malate.

Citruline Malate is know  to increase Vasodilation that is widening of arteries and veins so that more blood flow happens. In layman terms helps increase Nitrix Oxide production and therefore better pump in your muscles.


Next is Caffiene

We all know caffiene is a stimulant and it makes you mentally alert during periods of fatigue and therefore helps to improve your concentrate and focus. In addition it also helps in weight loss.


So what do we get from Wikid

• Increases Carnosine

• Reduces lactic acid

• Reduces glucose breakdown

• Prevents muscle from becoming more acidic

• Therefore reduces fatigue and increases endurance.

• Increases Vasodilation

• Increase nitrix oxide

• Increases Pump

• Increases focus

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by Vaibhav on February 14, 2020

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