Whey Protein vs Natural Protein

It’s no surprise, then, in the effort to pack on serious size, the question always arises, what allows you to build muscle faster, whey protein supplements or protein from natural food sources? Here’s a quick explanation stating the difference between the two     Whey Protein vs Natural Protein: Protein Quality To decide which works best, whey or natural protein, there are...

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WIKID Preworkout Explained

WIKID Preworkout Explained Musclemantra Wikid is a one it kind Pre workout, safe and effective. The formulation is done in a way that it provides you with the maximum push, focus, energy and the pump while at the same time being safe on the body. The product contains 3.5 gm Beta Alanine (probably the highest in any Pre workout), 2.5gm of Citruline...

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Lift Weights the Right Way to Lose Weight

Some interesting nutrition articles in the news this week.  Last week we talked about avoiding sick days and how healthier habits can prevent getting sick this winter.  Well, here are some other...

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